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Blair's Lucidograph was one of the earliest modern folding plate cameras for amateurs. The typical 19th century folding camera could not be folded as completely closed box. At least there was a hole where the lens barrel of the folded camera was visible. That's what distinguishes the Lucidograph from those average antique folders. When collapsed the whole camera itself is the box which protects all its parts. It is made of fine mahogany and cherry wood. It was made from 1884 to 1894. It was sold as the company's "compact camera". In 1886 it was already offered in three plate sizes,

  • No. 1, for 3¼ × 4¼ plates,
  • No. 2, for 4¼ × 5½ plates, and
  • No. 3. for 5 × 8 plates.

Further sizes were developed then. It was also made in different qualities, simpler models with fixed lensboard, and more sophisticated ones with a double swing rising and falling front.