Lordox 24x36mm

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A Leidolf 35mm viewfinder camera also known in some markets as the Lordette or Optina 24x36 (Canada). The 35mm Lordox was made in 1952 and marked on the top-plate Lordox 24×36 to distinguish it from the earlier camera of the same name which made 4×4cm exposures on 127 film. It had a Triplet f/3.8 5cm lens in a Pronto shutter, then a Triplon f/2.8 5cm in a Prontor-S shutter then a Lordon f/2.8 5cm in a Prontor-SVS shutter.

In 1957 it was redesigned with a new body shaped like the Lordomat - see Lordox (1957).


  • Looking at a Lordox or Leidox you may be puzzled as to how the back opens. There’s no obvious lock, button or key and the rewind knob does not lift. You have to rotate the two strap lugs forward 90º and then the whole back can be removed.