Lomography LC-A 120

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The LC-A 120 is a medium format 6x6 camera that uses 120 film and release by Lomography in 2014.

It is based on their Lomography LOMO LC-A+ 35mm camera. It uses a 38mm f/4.5 Minigon XL wide angle glass lens. It is equivalent to a 21mm lens on 35mm camera. It uses a four step zone focusing method with the minimum focusing distance at 0.6m. The can be adjusted on the side of the lens with a vertical level. The film ISO can be chosen with the five pointed star knob on the front left shoulder of the camera body. The range of adjusted is from 100 to 1600 ISO. The film is advanced with a thumb wheel and film counter is on the top next to the hot shoe. There is a MX switch for multiple exposure, located by the shutter release which also has provisions for a release socket. The film can be loaded by opening up the back by pushing a the switch on the left of the body upwards to release the back. There are switches on the base of the film spool compartment that releases the spool tension. Unexposed film is loaded on the left and the take up spool is to the right. The films start mark is located in the film chamber a bit to the right of the finder opening.