Lomographic Sprocket Rocket

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The Lomography Sprocket Rocket is a 35mm film "point and shoot" plastic camera launched in 2010 by Lomography Society International. It features a wide angle 30mm lens and produces panoramic images that may be optionally exposed over the film sprockets.

Although the camera does feature a film counter frames are not indexed and film may be rewound or "fast forwarded" at any time to allow for double exposures and long negatives.

The camera has two aperture settings: Sunny and Cloudy (ƒ/16 and ƒ/10.8) and shutter speeds of 1/00 ("N" setting) or Bulb ("B" setting)


The design references a number of vintage camera bodies, primarily the Falcon Miniature designed in 1938 by Jack Galter. There is also a resemblance to the Ilford Advocate and perhaps the Jiffy Kodak V. P.

Images taken with the Sprocket Rocket