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ICA Lola was manufactured by Internationale Camera AG (ICA), Dresden, Germany. Lola is a folding bed plate film camera. Small round plate on the inside of the right wall of the camera: the Ica icon and Ica Akt.Ges. Dresden.


  • Production: 1912-14
  • Model: ICA (Wünsche) catalog no.136 [1]
  • Format: 9x12cm plate
  • Lens: Ica Akt-Ges. Extra-Rapid-Aplanat "Helios" 135mm f/8, filter slip-on, Aperture range f/8-f/36
  • Bellows focussing, Focus range: 2-16m +inf.
  • Shutter: Ica leaf shutter, speeds 1/25-1/100th plus B&Z
  • Cocking and Shutter release: by the same lever, on front of the lens-shutter barrel, Manual shutter cocking and releasing on the same time, for the speed settings, by pressing once the lever, the diaphragm opens and closes, for B press and release, for Z (T) press and press again
  • View finder: Waist level Brilliant Finder on top of the lens standard, turning 90 degrees left on its own axis for landscape pictures
  • Bellows: single extension, can slide vertically by loosening of a screw knob on the lens standard for parallax correction
  • Body: Wooden covered with leatherette; Bed plate: metal; Weight 768g


International Camera A.G. ICA was formed in 1909 by the amalgamation of four different camera factories: Hüttig AG in Dresden, Wünsche AG in Reick near Dresden, Kamerawerk Dr.Rudolf Krügener in Frankfurt/M, and Carl Zeiss Palmos AG in Jena. Three years later G. Zulauf & Co. from Zurich was added to the firm.

ICA continued to produce the camera models of the partners before merger.

Wünsche made a large number of camera models, e.g. Bosco, Ada, Afpi, Kolibri, Vitri, Excelsior Syrene, Mars, Nymphe, Nixe, Lola, Knox, etc.

Lola was a continued Wünsche model before merger and produced with some different lenses during their manufacturing era.



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