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The Dycam Model 1 was a greyscale digital camera launched by Dycam in 1991. Later in 1991 Dycam licensed their technology to Logitech who changed the color of the embodiment to white and installed their own firmware. Logitech marketed the camera as the Fotoman in 1992. It was one of the first commcercially available digital cameras. The camera was aimed at businesses, realtors, insurance companies requiring fast turn-around images. The images were 8-bit (256-level) greyscale and low-resolution, at 376x240 pixels, and the camera only had enough storage for 32 of them, compressed in its 1Mb of RAM. Later models were upgraded to 376x284 pixels. The memory was volatile, that is, when the batteries ran down or were removed, the pictures would be lost. The high price (£499 in the UK) limited its market. The camera could connect to a PC via a cable to the serial port for uploading. It had a fixed focus f4.5 lens 55mm 35mm equivalent, with a shutter running from 1/25 to 1/1000s, and a built-in flash. The CCD sensor was rated at ~200ISO, and a neutral-density filter was supplied for use in very bright light[1].

It was designed by Dycam.


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