Linhof Technika Press 70

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Linhof Technika Press 70 was a 6x7cm-camera made by Linhof from 1963, replacing the Linhof Technika Press from 1956. It was designed for news, fashion, sport and press photography. It seems to have inspired competing products including the Graflex XL (1965) and Mamiya Super 23 (1967). It was introduced at the same time as, and shares parts with, both the Linhof Technika 70 and Linhof Aero Press. The Technika 70 was a version with bellows focusing and technical camera features (less suited for sports and press photography). In 1967 the Technika Press 70 camera was sold for $745 ($5631 in 2018-dollars), the standard 80mm lens for $510 ($3855 in 2018-dollars) and the 53mm wide angle for $769 ($5812 in 2018-dollars).[1]

Unlike both the Mamiya Press and Graflex XL, the Press 70 has a combined shutter cocking and film advance lever, however this requires special geared Super- (120 film) and Cine-Rollex (70mm film) backs. Furthermore the Press 70 has an integrated (but uncoupled) exposure meter. The 6x7 format is the "Linhof ideal size" 56x72mm, not the more common 56x70mm. The viewfinder is vertically oriented, and the camera needs to be turned on its side for horizontal shots (as some later 645 rangefinders). The viewfinder has framelines for 53mm, 80mm and 180mm lenses in the 56x72mm format (though possibly different versions may exist). By using a sheet film inserts, 6,5x9cm film sheets may be used (if 6x9 backs may be used is unclear), however the 80mm standard lens only gives an image of 76x72mm with the film insert. The Technika Press was provided in a beige finish, however at least one example with a black finish has been noted.[2]


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