Linhof 220

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The Linhof 220 is a uniquely-styled camera from Linhof Präzisions-Kamera-Werke of Munich, taking nominal 2¼ × 2¾ frames (56 × 72mm), introduced c.1967. The camera accepts either 120 or 220 film by means of a switchable pressure plate.

Somewhat resembling an overgrown home-movie camera, this model operates with a pistol grip and natively shoots in portrait (vertical) orientation—although the twist of the pistol handle can be changed for more comfortable landscape use. There is a rapid advance lever on the side of the body, and for working quickly the option of 20 exposures on 220 film is likely the preferred option (as the model name suggests). Film is inserted via separate pre-loadable roll film holders.

The camera has a rangefinder coupled to its 95mm f/3.5 Linhof-Technikar lens, as well as a coupled light meter with photocells above the lens.