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Lines and Jones Limited of Morcombe, Lancashire in the north-west of England, was a maker of enlargers and other photographic equipment and accessories, including plate and roll film holders. The company was started in 1947 by Albert Lines and Kenneth Jones, and the certificate of incorporation specifically mentions the manufacture of enlargers as the firm's main business, though allowing many other possible areas of business.[1]

Lines and Jones was known for enlargers serving film and plates from medium format up to about half plate, with a 'cold cathode' fluorescent light source.

The company was in business until 2018, but by then no longer made photographic goods; after a management buyout in about 2001, the company fabricated stainless-steel equipment and furniture for commercial kitchens.[2][3]

Albert Lines held a patent for a way of preparing tints for use in colouring photographs (and other documents such as maps) as sheets of absorbent paper infused with the dye, then dried.[4] The patent states that in this form, the dye is convenient to store and carry, and allows a small amount of dye to be dispensed and used without waste.


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