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The Leningrad 2 selenium meter was made in 1961 by GOMZ in Leningrad. It is built into a small black plastic body. The selenium cell light sensor is visible through the measuring window. Upon the meter is an analog calculator which consists of three metal slices, the lower being the big light value (EV) thumb wheel which also shows an exposure time scale. Above it is a red slice with an aperture scale, with a GOST (ГОСТ) scale (a Russian film sensitivity scale) and a DIN scale, and with a window over the light value scale of the big thumb wheel. Turning that thumb wheel moves the red matching sign of the meter's instrument. The third part on top of the analog calculator is a lever slice to switch between two light sensitivity modes. This third slice covers the DIN scale and the GOST scale of the red slice with exception of two windows, one showing the GOST value and one showing the DIN value selected with the red slice. When the lever is moved clockwise the selenium photo cell will be shifted nearer towards the measuring window.

Some Leningrad 2 meters have no DIN film sensitivity scale, thus having just one film sensitivity scale window in the upper slice which is also the meter mode lever.

The meter was delivered with a brown leather case with "Leningrad 2" inscription and a clamp to hold the small plastic "milk glass" window which can be attached to the meter's measuring window. Maybe the "high sensitivity mode" is just for use with the milk glass to measure the surrounding light instead of measuring light coming from image subject.

To use the meter the GOST sensitivity value of the film must be selected by turning the red slice until the right GOST value appears in the GOST window (or the corresponding DIN value in the DIN window). Then the measuring window has to be directed towards the image subject. Then the light value thumb wheel slice has to be turned until the red matching sign of the instrument matches the actual position of the instrument's needle. Then the window in the red slice will show the light value, and the exposure time scale will be aligned accordingly to the aperture scale so that all possible aperture/shutter-speed combinations are visible.

some specs

  • light value: EV 1 to 15
  • film sensitivity range: ГОСТ 4 to 250, or DIN 6 to 27
  • aperture scale: f1.4 to f22
  • shutter-speed scale: 15 sec. to 1/1000 sec.