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The Q2 is a fixed-lens, full-frame digital camera made by Leica from 2019. It is the successor to the Leica Q. Like the Q, it exists in a handful of variants:

  • Q2 Black - the standard edition
  • Q2 Reporter - with wear-resistant finish and less obvious branding
  • Q2 Monochrom - with permanently monochrome sensor
  • Q2 Monochrom Reporter - the monochrome camera with the Reporter finish
  • Q2 Dawn by Seal - the standard camera, but with various 'designer' cosmetic features: special-edition fabric covering, engraving on the display glass, a special-edition strap, and a scarf.
  • Q2 007 Edition - the standard camera, with 'ocean green' leatherette, matching handgrip, and engraved lenscap, special edition of 250 copies made for the release of a James Bond film.[1]

All the versions of the camera have a fixed 28mm f/1.7 Summilux lens, eleven elements including three aspherical, focusing down to 30cm (17cm in macro mode) and stopping down to f/16. The camera allows cropping ('digital zoom') to give the equivalent view of a 35, 50, or 75mm lens, the viewfinder and display reflecting this view (the full 28mm view is recorded and can be recovered). It has an image stabilisation system. The camera has a full-frame (36x24mm), 47.3 million effective-pixel CMOS sensor. This allows sensitivity to be set between ISO 50 and 50,000 (50 - 100,000 for the monochrome sensor of the Monochrom models).

The camera has an OLED electronic viewfinder (1280x960 pixels for each of three colours; a 4:3 aspect ratio, not 3:2 as the sensor is) and a 3-inch diagonal, 1 million-pixel touchscreen display, which does not hinge or swivel.

The camera has a mechanical shutter with speeds from 60 seconds to 1/2000 second. It may also be used with electronic shutter (that is, with exposure done by enabling the sensor electrically, rather than by uncovering it), with speeds 1 to 1/40,000 second. Leica's product information also refers to a 'hybrid' shutter mode; presumably starting exposure electronically, and using the mechanical shutter to finish it.

The body of the camera is made from magnesium alloy. The standard edition of the camera has a black, textured leather covering and black anodised top and bottom plates. The Reporter editions have a synthetic body covering, and a scratch-resistant olive-drab finish on the top and bottom plates.

The camera can record video (up to 4K). It is water- and dust-resistant to IP52. It requires the Leica BP-SCL4 7.2V lithium ion battery pack.


  1. Q2 007 Edition, one of seven prototypes, offered for sale at the 41st Leitz Photographica Auction, in November 2022.