Le Monobloc simplifié

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Le Monobloc simplifié is a sophisticated stereo camera for use with a special metal plate magazine back. It was badged "Le Monobloc, Ch. Broutin, constructeur, 49, Boul. Pasteur, Paris XV". Probably Ch. Broutin was the maker, other samples are attributed to other makers. Probably the camera is a good sample of a highly sophisticated hand-crafted stereo magazine camera design on which several Parisien camera makers were specialized in the 1910s and 1920s. Maybe making Le Monobloc had been so expensive that any craftsman who took over its production abandoned the experiment soon, especially in the economically difficult war times from 1914 to 1918. At least four makers are known for Le Monobloc and Le Monobloc simplifié. One maker's nameplate seen is Jeanneret & Cie, 31 Bd. Saint-Germain, Paris.