Kyocera Lynx 90

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The Kyocera Lynx 90 is a 35mm film autofocus compact camera manufactured by Kyocera. It first appeared circa 1994. It was also available as the Kyocera Zoom 90, Yashica Microtec Zoom 90, Yashica Micro Elite Zoom 90 and Yashica Elite 90 Zoom. Some variations like the Kyocera Lynx 90, Yashica Microtec Zoom 90 (metallic) and have a date imprint function and panorama.

The lens is a 38 to 90mm zoom. The barrel of the lens has markings for 38, 70 and 90mm. The 90mm setting is used for (flower) macro mode. The camera back has a LCD setting windows. It contains the film counter and allows you to set built-in flash (auto, redeye, no flash, flash on). Self-timer has a delay of 10 sec. with a count down displayed on the back LCD and a flashing LED on the front. It can also do multiple shot self-timer, which takes 3 exposures. The viewfinder has parallel correction marks for the macro mode. Panorama versions have additional marks. The transport automatically advances and rewinds film. Mid-roll rewind is also possible. Continuous drive mode, and sport (runner) is available, it allows you to hold the shutter button down and take multiple photos rapidly. The camera is powered by a lithium CR123A battery. A hand strap eyelet is on the right hand side of the body, with a tripod connector on the base. The base of the camera states "Assembled in Hongkong parts made in Japan"

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