Konica Revio II

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The Konica Revio II is an APS film compact camera with a zoom lens. Despite its attractive design and and light weight it makes good images. For its special self-portrait mode a little mirror can be plugged upon it (see illustration of self-portrait mode).


  • Lens: 1:3,9-1:7,9/23-50mm zoom
  • Autofocus: active multi-infrared-autofocus system
  • Shutter speed: 1 sec. down to 1/500 sec. controlled by spot focusing CdS-photo resistor
  • films: APS films of 25 up to 3200 ASA film speed
  • flash: reaching as far as 6.8 meters when zoom lens is in wide angle position
  • viewfinder: magnification depending on the zoom lens' position
  • weight: 130 g without CR2 battery
  • dimensions: 57×89.5×27 mm