Konica MR.70

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The Konica MR.70 "Power Shooter" is a compact auto focus 35mm camera first seen at in 1985 at Salon de la Photo in Paris. It features a dual lens design with a 38mm f/3,2 and a 70mm f/5,8 lens. To change lenses, there is a T (1 tree) and a W (with 3 trees) lever by the base of the lens. It is large and hefty, with a built-in pop-up flash, a self-timer and motor winding.

In Japan, it carried the nickname "Bōen'ō" (Tele King), costing a rather high 55 800 yen upon launch.


  • Wide angle: 38 mm f/3,2 (4 elements, 3 groups).
  • Tele: 70 mm f/5,8, (8 elements, 6 groups).
  • Shutter: 1/25 – 1/250 s. Electronic self timer.
  • Autofocus, closest range 1,2 m.
  • Built-in flash; range (at ISO 100) 1,2–5 m (wide), 1,2–4 m (tele).
  • DX decoding in full stops.
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries, CR2025 battery for date back.
  • Dimensions and weight: 138x80x58,5 mm, 445 g.