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The Konica EYE cameras are a series half frame viewfinder cameras for 35mm film which were made by Konica from 1964.

Konica EYE

The original Konica EYE was launched in 1964. The camera has a Hexanon 30mm 1:1.9 lens made up of 6 elements in 5 groups. The lens had an "improved amber" coating and is scale focused with 4 zone focus points (1,1.5,3 and 10+ metres). A zone focus indicator is shown in viewfinder with the focus position displayed by needle.

Metering is by selenium cyclops array around lens. This controls the Copal B programmed shutter with aperture range of f/1.9-16 and shutter speeds of 1/30-1/800 shown by a meter needle display in viewfinder. In low light a red flag appears in viewfinder and locks the shutter. ISO 10-400 film is supported. There is also the option to set a Bulb (with lens wide) or fixed aperture settings for flash. In flash mode the shutter is fixed at 1/125. Flash connection is by PC sync and supports X-sync. On the original model there is no mount point for flash but a revised version (version 2) has a cold shoe for accessories. There are cable and tripod points and has a 46mm filter thread.

The camera was re-branded for the US Montgomery Ward Department Stores as the Wards EYE. Both the Konica and Wards versions are often mis-described as the CYC due to styling used in the engraved E. The FED Micron is a soviet copy of the first version camera.

Konica EYE 2

Launched in 1967 this is updated with a CdS metering system and a Hexanon 32mm 1:1.8 lens. Versions exist with and without accessory shoe

Konica EYE 3

Updated version of the EYE 2 including the addition of a mechanical timer.