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Nittō Kōgaku K.K. (日東光学株式会社) is a Japanese optical company.


Nittō Kōgaku K.K. (日東光学株式会社) is a Japanese optical company. It was founded in 1876 as a silk producer. In 1943 the company was restructured as an optical manufacturing company and renamed to Nittō Kōgaku (日東光学機械製作所), usually rendered in English as Nittoh Kogaku. In the 1940s, the company worked with Nihon Kogaku (now known as Nikon). In 1951 the company incorporated as a joint stock company and became known as Nittoh Kogaku K.K.. In 1996, the company launched an Indonesian production facility as a joint venture with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Astra Group, known as Pt. Adiwira Presisi Industri. In 2007 the company acquired Shoujoh Seiki Co., Ltd. and reorganized it into a subsidiary to boost production capabilities. In 2008, the company acquired full shares of the Indonesian factory, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.[1]

In 1950, it started to manufacture "Kominar" (コミナー) lenses used in a variety of cameras, as well as enlarging lenses. In 1961 the company began to manufacture complete cameras.[1]

The company's address in 1960 was Chiyoda-ku Kanda Asahichō 18–2 (千代田区神田旭町18–2) in Tokyo.[2]

Nittoh Kogaku also made cameras as a subcontractor for other companies, beginning with the Fujipet in 1960. Examples included the Olympus Trip 35, the Revue 400 EF and so on.

Today the company continues to manufactures optical equipment including plastic lenses, CCTV lenses, projection lenses, lens modules for digital still cameras.[1]

Cameras with Nitto lenses

These lists are incomplete.

That a particular model is listed here should not be taken to mean that all examples were fitted with Nitto lenses.

Medium format

7.5cm f3.5 Kominar (3 elements, 3 groups)

7.5cm f3.5 S Kominar (4 elements, 3 groups)


4.5cm f1.8 S Kominar

4.8cm f1.9 S Kominar (7 elements)


  • Meprozenit
  • Walz 35
  • Walz Electric
  • Walz Wide
  • Ricoh 35 L
  • Ricoh Wide 2.4
  • Ricohmatic 35
  • Mamiya M3
  • Mamiya 4B (aka Sears 10B)
  • Mamiya EE Merit and Super Merit
  • Mamiya Family
  • Mamiya Super Deluxe (f/2.0 lens)

Other Nittoh lenses

Interchangeable 35mm Lenses

  • Kominar 300mm f/5.6 MD Preset
  • X-Kominar W 28mm f/2.8 DM (Fujica mount)
  • X-Kominar T 135mm f/2.8 DM (Fujica mount)

Projection lenses

For 8mm movie projectors:[3]

  • Kominar 18/1.2
  • Kominar 19/1.4
  • Kominar 25/1.2
  • Kominar 25/1.5


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