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Early Koilos

The Koilos is a German three-leaf shutter. It was the first leaf shutter developed by Gauthier, introduced in 1904. It needed cocking and used a leather brake to regulate speeds.

Cameras equipped

Later Koilos

Various Japanese cameras of the early 1930s are equipped with a different Koilos shutter. This Koilos shutter is everset, and tripped by a lever attached to the front plate. The speeds (25, 50, 100, B, T) are selected by a wheel at the top. There is a thread for a cable release on the side, and a thread and needle release under the lens. This Koilos shutter was perhaps made by Gauthier, but this is unclear.

The Koilos shutter mounted on the Nifca-Dox by Nichidoku (predecessor of Minolta) has a peculiar octagonal casing and slightly different controls. It was perhaps not a genuine imported shutter, and at least one source says that it was "clearly made by the company itself".[1]

Cameras equipped

The fact that a camera is listed here does not imply that all its versions were equipped with a Koilos shutter:


  1. Awano, p.14 of Kurashikku Kamera Senka no.12: シャッターもコイロス名ではあるが、明らかに自社製と思われるものを取り付け.



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