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Kogata Camera[1] (小型カメラ, Kogata kamera) was a Japanese monthly photographic magazine.

Kogata Camera was a continuation of Gekkan Leica[2] (月刊ライカ, Gekkan Raika), a technically-oriented monthly magazine edited by Horie Hiroshi (堀江宏) and published by Ars (アルス, Arusu), whose first issue is dated January 1934. The magazine was retitled in order to look at a wider range of 35mm equipment; the first issue titled Kogata Camera, meaning "Miniature Camera", is dated January 1936. Horie moved the magazine to his own company, Meikōsha (明光社), from the August 1936 issue. The last issue is dated December 1940, whereupon it was merged with Kōga Gekkan and Amateur Camera to form Shashin Nihon[3] (写真日本), also published by Meikōsha, but that folded after only two issues (January and February 1941).


  1. It is not known if the magazine had a subtitle in the roman alphabet.
  2. This is a back-quasi-translation of a title meaning "Leica Monthly". The cover, reproduced by Shirayama, of the first issue of the magazine does not show a title in roman letters.
  3. Or Shashin Nippon; there may also have been a roman-letter title.


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