Kodak single-use cameras

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Fling 35

The disposable camera that's designed like a film box from 1988. A simple point and shoot box which was actually one of the first around. It contains Kodak Gold 400 film with 24 exposures.

FunTime 35

One of the first single-use cameras by Kodak.

The FunTime model contained a small roll of film, only 15 exposures.

Film and lens quality were only capable of shooting outdoors.

FunSaver 35

First generation of the FunSaver series, a boxy viewfinder with built-in flash.

It contained a 27 exposure roll of film.

FunSaver Pocket

Second series of disposable cameras, these had a modern design, making it a much more pocketable device.

Simple viewfinder type without flash.

Loaded with 27 exposures of Kodak Gold 400 film.

FunSaver Pocket Flash

Same model as above, only this one is equipped with a built-in flash powered by an internal battery.

Also loaded with 27 exposures of Kodak Gold 400 film.

Funsaver Portrait 35

Specialy designed to take portrait oriented pictures of people.

A little head shape in the viewfinder helps composing the shot.

The camera also contains a battery and a flash, the flash is placed under a white reflector to provide indirect light.

This model used Kodak Gold Plus 400 film, 24 exposures.

FunSaver Telephoto 35

A model that contained Kodak Gold 1600ISO film, made for telephoto shots of approximately 100mm.

The viewfinder has a dark element which shows if lighting is enough to take a picture or not. Whenever the darker parts do not show any detail it is advised not to take the shot.

It has a simple aperture lever on the front of the lens for sunny and coudy situations.

Kodak also released a simpler model of the above Telefoto 35. This one lacked the exposure warning and the variable aperture mechanism and it contains 400 ISO film. The lens is imprinted with 85mm f/11.

Max HQ

This single-use camera has a glass Kodak Ektanar lens, hence the name HQ, because it produces better and sharper pictures than it's family members with the simple plastic lenses.

Packed with a 800ISO film and a battery powered flash.