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Kodak's VR35-Series was a line of 35mm point-and-shoot cameras, introduced in 1986, marking Kodak's return to making 35mm cameras after a 17 year gap. The range continued until 1993. They had varying degrees of sophistication, ranging from the basic fixed focus models, with one aperture, no built-in flash and manual wind, to models with motor drive, programmed auto exposure and autofocus. Manufacturing sites included Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan.


Model Introduced[1] Withdrawn Features
VR35 K2 Basic fixed-focus with hot shoe for flash, manual wind
VR35 K2a 1986[2]
VR35 K4 1986
VR35 K4a 1986[2] Manual wind, built-in flash, fixed focus, aperture selected by 3-position film speed
VR35 K5 1986[2] Motor wind, fixed focus, pop-up flash
VR35 K6 1986[2]
VR35 K10 1986 1988 Autofocus, auto exposure, flash in flip-up lens cover
VR35 K12 1986 1989 Autofocus, motor drive, flash in flip-up lens cover
Medalist VR35 K14 1986 1989 special edition, date back
VR35 K40 1986 1993 fixed focus, motorised, auto-exposure, DX coding, pop-up flash.
Also known as 35 MD and similar to the S-Series S350.
VR35 K60 1987 1988
VR35 K80 1987 1993
VR35 K300 1987 1990
VR35 K400 1987 1990 fixed-focus, manual wind
VR35 K500 1987 1990


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