Kodak Tele-Ektralite 600

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The Tele-Ektralite 600 is a 110 film camera produced by Kodak. It was first released in 1980 and sold until 1982. It had a switch so the user could choose between the normal or telephoto lens. It also featured a built-in flash that was powered by a 9-volt battery. The handle could be flipped over to become a protective case for the camera, which covered the lens and controls when not in use. It's original price was $67, but later could be had for the reduced price of $46.97.

  • Built in flash that covered an area of 1.2 - 3.7m with 100 ASA film
  • 22mm normal and 44mm telephoto lens
  • Uses a 9-volt battery for the flash
  • Red light for the flash that shows in the viewfinder, which turned to green when flash was ready