Kodak Stretch 35

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The Stretch 35 is a single-use camera introduced by Kodak circa 1990 as part of its Fling35 series. A 2-element, 25mm f/12 lens exposes wide-angle images, cropped to 13×36 mm and running as a narrow stripe down the center of a 12-exposure roll of 35mm film[1]. This nonstandard format would then receive additional enlargement by the finishing lab, producing a "panoramic" print measuring 3½×10" rather than the typical 3½×5".

The success of this (arguably gimmicky) format launched hundreds of later "cropped panoramic" cameras from other manufacturers—from simple examples like the Ansco Pix Panorama or the Vivitar PN2011, to quite sophisticated cameras like the Nikon 28Ti/35Ti.


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