Kodak No. 2A Brownie Model B

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The Kodak No. 2A Brownie Model B is a box camera that uses 116 film, it was introduced in 1907 and manufactured until 1933. In the beginning, the body was made out of cardboard, but after 1924, Kodak used an aluminium chassis. After 1920, a metal shield was placed over the shutter lever.

The No. 2A Brownie has a rotary shutter which is activated by a lever on the (user's) right side of the camera. There is one fixed shutter speed of approximately 1/25th of a second. On top are two metal tabs that slide up and down. The wider one in the middle adjusts the aperture (f/8, f/11, and f/16) and the smaller of the two selects either the regular shutter speed or "B" (bulb), which holds the shutter open for an indefinite period of time or until the operator closes it. There are two viewfinder windows, one for portrait on the top and one for landscape on the right side. The film is advanced with the winding key on the lower right side. There is a red safety window on the back to see the frame number. When opening the camera to add or remove the film, there are two metal clips that slide aside so that the entire front of the camera can be pulled out.

  • Film format: 116 film
  • Image size: 2½×4¼ inches
  • Lens: Single element, meniscus
  • Shutter speeds: Rotary type, Time and Instant (most likely 1/25th to 1/30th)
  • Apertures: Three stops, f/8, f/11 and f/16.
  • Viewfinder: Two reflected window types, horizontal and vertical