Kodak Kodamatic 930

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The Kodamatic 930 was one of the later models of Kodak's ill-fated instant picture cameras, made in Germany by Kodak AG. Introduced in c.1982, it was withdrawn in January 1986 along with all other Kodak instant cameras as a result of the Polaroid lawsuit.

The lens panel extended on a triangular structure, which folded flat into the body. The lens was a fixed-focus 100mm f12.8 Kodar, which is hidden behind the electronic shutter. Below the lens is a print brightness control - the only picture control apart from the shutter release (on top of the extending section, below the colour-triangle logo). Flash was provided via a Flipflash socket. Picture size is just 67 x 91mm (2.64 x 3.58 or ~25/8 x 35/8 inches) on HS144 film.