Kodak Bullet

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This small 127 (4 × 6 1/2 cm) camera from 1936 is a fine example of the Art Deco design motifs of the era. It is part of a family of Kodak models styled by Walter Dorwin Teague, together with the Kodak Baby Brownie and Kodak Bantam.

The design of the Bakelite Kodak Bullet is very simple. A helicoid lens barrel can retract into the body; the shutter release lever sits alongside the simple meniscus lens. To change the film, the entire back is removed. Two versions exist: one with a sliding catch on one side and a corresponding (but not functional) catch-bar on the other; the second version omits this decorative bar. There was also a version marked "New York World’s Fair" made in 1939.

The Bullet name was reused later, as the Brownie Bullet.