Kodak Advantix Preview

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The Advantix Preview was launched in 2000. It is part of Kodak's range of Advantix cameras that use APS Film. It is one one level an autofocus zoom viewfinder compact but on another is a completely unique camera in having a LCD screen on which you could review your last shot and decide on whether you wanted to print the image (and request up to 9 prints) or not. The image shown is actually captured via the viewfinder with a half silvered mirror. the electronic mechanism for capturing the image is not known and the camera only stores one image at time which cannot be transferred off the camera. Kodak believed the ability to select whether to print or not would actually increase print sales.

The camera features a flip up lens cover incorporating the built in flash which is seen on several other Advantix models like the Advantix C400 or Advantix T700

The camera's data back allowed for recording of time/date and optional messages to be printed on rear of prints. The camera supported 5 languages and could print 10 different predefined titles. Mid roll changing is also possible with this camera.


  • Film Format: APS
  • Lens: 25-65mm Ektanar lens
  • Focus system: Passive, multi-spot Auto Focus
  • Recommended Focal Range : 2 feet to infinity
  • Exposure: Automatic, programmed
  • Shutter: 1/2-1/400
  • Aperture: F/4.3-10
  • Automatic ISO Coding: 50-800 ISO
  • Motordrive: Yes
  • Built in Flash: Yes
  • Power: 2xCR123A