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See the article Exakta Kine and Varex Series for the full series of 35mm Exakta (Exacta) cameras.

The Kine Exakta might have been the first 35mm SLR camera. It was developed by Ihagee's engineer Karl Nüchterlein. The camera type was derived from the Ihagee EXAKTA for 127 rollfilm (4×6.5 cm images), an earlier SLR creation by Nüchterlein. The Kine Exakta was presented at the fair Leipziger Früjahrsmesse in spring 1936, one and a half year earlier than the Sport made by GOMZ. Only the original 1936 version has the round magnifier in the viewing hood. A few subsequent models may be engraved Exacta.


  • Type: SLR
  • Manufacturer: Ihagee
  • Year of launch: 1936
  • Film: 35mm
  • Lens mount: Ihagee bayonet (=Exakta bayonet)
  • Shutter: textile focal plane shutter with speeds 12 sec. to 1/1000 sec.
  • Viewfinder: screen loupe over the mirror, additional loupe on top of collapsible light well
  • Film advance: lever
  • Dimensions: 150×82×50mm
  • Weight: 720g (body only)


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