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The Petri RF, Karoron RF and Karoron SII are different model names used for the same camera. It is a self-erecting folding camera for 4.5x6cm exposures on 120 film, made by Kuribayashi from 1952. It has an uncoupled rangefinder built into the top housing, with a telescopic viewfinder in a separate eyepiece.

The design is a development of the earlier Petri 'semi' models from the late 1940s. It is significantly more compact than those, because the film winding knob was moved to the top plate, at the cost of a small reflex viewfinder. It has a rather good specification, in keeping with the Petri name, with coated lenses and a flash-synchronised shutter and cold shoe, whereas the earlier cameras to bear the Karoron name were cheaper counterparts of the Petri, without a rangefinder.



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