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The Künstler-Kamera ('artist's camera') is a SLR plate camera produced by the German company Hüttig from c.1905 onwards.

This camera stayed in production as the ICA Künstler camera after Hüttig's merger into ICA in 1909.

The Künstler-Kamera was produced in eight plate sizes.[1]

Known ICA production types and sizes [2] :

  • Type 748, 6.5x9cm
  • Type 749, 9×9cm
  • Type 750, 9×12cm and 10x12cm
  • Type 751, 8×10.5cm
  • Type 752, 10×15cm and 12x16cm
  • Type 753, 13×18cm


  1. According to notes on Hüttig at Storia della Fotografia (archived)(in Italian); the page shows a German advertisement for the Künstler-Kamera, describing it as 'die Spiegel-Reflex-Kamera für ernste, erfolgreiche Arbeit' (the SLR camera for serious, successful work).
  2. According to the ICA table at From the focal plane to infinity