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Many Japanese camera companies published their own photography magazines. They usually contain pictures taken by amateurs with the cameras made or distributed by the company. They often (but not always) contain advertisements by the company too, or technical articles on the various camera models. The following table is an incomplete list of such company magazines:

company title years
Asanuma Shōkai Toki no Nagare (時の流れ) c.1935[1]
Asanuma Times (浅沼タイムス) 1937[2]
Fuji Kōgaku Lyra no Hikari (ライラの光) 1937–42 or later (bimonthly)[3]
Fuji Shashin Film Fuji Amateur Photo (富士アマチュアフォト) late 1930s to late 1950s or later[3]
Shashin no gijutsu (写真の技術) mid-1950s[4]
Kodak Kodak Chishiki (コダック知識) 1930s[3]
Konishi, then Konishiroku Shashin Geppō (写真月報) 1894–1940[5]
Shashin no shumi (写真の趣味) 1920s[6]
Sakura no kuni (さくらの国) late 1930s[3]
Chiyoda Kōgaku, then Minolta Minolta News (ミノルタニュース) 1950–5[2]
Rokkor (ロッコール) from 1955, revived from 1973[2]
Chiyokō Times (千代光タイムス) 1955–62[2]
Minolta Echo (ミノルタエコー) from 1962[2]
Olympus Olympus News (オリンパスニュース) c.1954[7]
Olympus Photography from 1956[8]
Oriental Oriental News (オリエンタルニュース) late 1930s[3]
Riken Shinkō Graph (新光グラフ)
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Ricoh Shōkai News (理光商会ニュース) mid-1950s[10]
Tougodo Camera Shumi (Camera趣味) 1930s


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