Iso-Rapid I

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The Agfa ISO-RAPID I was an all-mechanic viewfinder camera for Agfa's Rapid film system. Introduced in 1965 has a simple fix-focus meniscus lens, an Agfa Isinar f/8 42mm, in a Parator shutter.[1] Two settings are selectable: sunlight (=1/80sec ) and cloudy/flash (=1/40 sec). On top of the brick-like camera body are an exposure counter and a hot shoe for an electronic flash. A thumb-wheel in the camera back serves for cocking the shutter and advancing the film. Two versions exist, Type 2421 with a shutter release on top of the camera body. [2] and Type 2422 with a shutter lever release next to the lens[3]The Rapid System allowed for 16 exposures of 24x24mm size.

115 x 76 x 50 mm, 180g (empty), 215g with 1 cartridge



Notes and References

  1. It was sold for DM26.50, with the set containing the camera, a black (plastic) ready bag, a flash unit (the ISO-Blitzer Typ 6840), a set of AG1 flash bulbs, a battery for the flash (6V battery Type IEC 4 F16) and a roll (cartridge) of film.
  2. via Flickr
  3. This version has only "sunny" and 'flash".