Ilford Sportsman 300L

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The Ilford Sportsman 300L is a viewfinder camera for 35mm film.

It was produced by Dacora who built two slightly different models. The first version has a rounder top plate and uses a Prontor 300 shutter. The second version was introduced around 1970 and is somewhat larger. It features a larger selenium cell window and has a squarer top plate to give it a more modern look. The Prontor 300 shutter has been replaced by a X300 version.

Specifications are equal for both models, shutter speeds range from B to 1/300 sec. The selenium lightmeter is not coupled, focusing can be done by a distance scale on the focus ring. Both models are equipped with a Color Isconar 45mm f/2.8 lens and a hot shoe flash connector. The frame counter is located in the bottom plate.