Ikoflex II 852/16

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The Ikoflex II (852/16) is a TLR camera that was made by Zeiss Ikon from 1938 till 1951.

Confusingly, it was first named Ikoflex III but this changed to Ikoflex II in 1939 when the Ikoflex III (853/16) was introduced.

It creates 6x6cm negatives (or slides) on 120 film.

The lensboard now has a shroud. Diaphragm and Shutterspeed can be seen in 2 small windows on the top of this shroud.


  • Known Lens/Shutter combinations (prewar):
    852/16 Kc : Triotar 3.5/7.5 cm lens in a Compur shutter
    852/16 Lcr : Tessar 3.5/7.5 cm lens in a Compur-Rapid shutter
  • Known Lens/Shutter combinations (postwar):
    852/16 Lcr : Tessar 3.5/7.5 cm lens, coated, in a Compur-Rapid shutter
  • Viewing lens: Teronar-Anigstigmat f/3.5
  • Filter size : taking lens, 28.5mm push-on type
  • Double-exposure prevention, because the film-advance knob must be wound on before firing. If the film counter went past frame 12, the shutter will also not fire.
  • Blank film frame prevention.


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  • Zeiss Ikon brochure 1951, Ikoflex, 003-013-0 75 651, German, page 12.


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