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One result of human creativity is given through all the still cameras presented in this wiki. Most pages are about products of companies, products from all continents except Antarctica, see category:countries.

This page is about those cameras which were and are made by their owners at home. The industry delivered and delivers some kits for paper cameras, Pinhole cameras, TLRs and others, see category:camera kit.

Another category are cameras built according to construction plans and construction guides published in photography journals, hobbyist books and the web. Thus a series of almost equal cameras may be produced completely decentralized, each camera in the making qualitiy that depends on the hobbyists talent for tinkering and on the available tools and materials.

The last category are cameras built after own ideas and/or construction plans. These can be homemade pinhole cameras made of empty cigarette boxes as well as panorama cameras for rollfilm or even monorail cameras for highly sophisticated large format photo work. Even some of the most famous photographers often used self-constructed cameras, for example Andreas Feininger. The most exciting type of self-made digital camera is the scanner camera because it's the only kind of device to achieve large format digital shots.

Homemade view cameras

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