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Carl Friedrich Holtzem was a pharmacist operating in Elberfeld (now Wuppertal, Germany) from 1891[1] to 1901.[2] Inter alia he sold cameras and OEM brass lenses under his own name ('C Holtzem Elberfeld')[3] and presumably also dealt in photochemicals.

On record are:



  1. In that year CF Holtzem seems to have acquired the business from the heirs of Julius von Halfern and registered it under is own name: 'Eintragungen im Handesregister' Pharmaceutische Zeitung 21 Oktober 1891, p. 663.—Also on record in a 1894 court case ('Franz Fisseler, Carl Friedrich Holtzem, Wuppertal-Elberfeld ' Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen Abteilung Rheinland File HRA 7089, Gerichte Rep. 69 Nr. 1894).
  2. Business sold to Rudolf Illing: 'Eintragungen im Handesregister' Pharmaceutische Zeitung 2 Februar 1901, p. 133
  3. The OEM for the brass lenses has not yet been identified but may be French.
  4. Documented example: f/8 to f/64; no serial number; the lens cells are marked with a rubber stamp 'NN-A' (front) and NN-B (rear); dimensions: height 50mm, max Ø46mm, thread Ø41mm, weight 165g full strip down and documentation (Photographica Collection Dirk HR Spennemann).
  5. Other examples: seen on an Union Reisekamera by Alfred Brückner (Rabenau, Germany) (see Breker March 2011 Lot 349).