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The Holga 120Pan is a medium format 6x12 panoramic camera from Universal Electronics ( Holga ) released around 2010.

The design of the camera is based on the Holga 120WPC pinhole camera body as the same field of view lines are on top of the body. A viewfinder is provided and there are two hot shoes. The lens is 90mm plastic lens with approx 180° view angle. The lens has the same four position for the focusing distance as other Holgas, 1m (single), 2m (trio), 6m (group) and 10m-inf (mountain). There are two setting for the shutter speed; N (1/100) and B (bulb). A bubble level indicator is also on the body. The film back has a red window. There is a slider for frame number but it is glued and cannot move. Film must be advanced every odd number exposure or overlapping exposure will occur. A optional 35mm film kit is also available which can expose images of 24 x 108mm.