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This page contains miscellaneous tips and tricks, covering some of the difficulties most often encountered by the newcomers.

How to create a new page

Let's say that you want to write a page about the Konica C35. The easiest way to create a new page is to enter the intended title ("Konica C35") into the "Search" box. Of course the search won't find the page, but it will give you a "create this page" link near the top of the search page. It will also permit you to check that there is not already a similar page with a slightly different title (for example "Konica C 35").

How to redirect a title to another page

Let's say you want to describe the Konica C35 and C35 V together in the same page, titled "Konica C35". You will want to make a redirect for the people who will look for the C35 V. What you need to do is to create a page titled "Konica C35 V" and write the following in this page: #redirect [[Konica C35]].

How to change a page title

Every Camera-wiki user can change the title of a page very easily, with the "move" link that appears near the "edit" and "watch" links at the top of the page. For example, if you want to move the change the title of your page from "Konica C 35" to "Konica C35", there is no need to create the "Konica C35" page and transfer the content by hand. You can simply go to the "Konica C 35" page and click "move", then enter the new title and a reason for your move.

How to sign a post in the talk pages

When you are posting something in a talk page, it is necessary that you sign your post, and it is also useful to add the date and hour. It is tedious to do this by hand, and you can insert the following: ~~~~, that is four "tilde" characters in a row. This will automatically add your username, the date and a link to your user page.