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You might want to keep a copy of some of's text content for any of a variety of reasons: to create your own work version of the website, to write drafts, to include the contents into another Mediawiki website,[1] to keep a backup (in order to be sure that the contents remain available in the future whatever happens to the website).

How to do it

Instead of saving the contents of each and every page, here is a quick, easy and far better way to proceed, using Mediawiki's export function:

  1. Create a text file with a list of all the pages you want to download, with one page title per line. If you want to download all the site's pages in one pass, you will have to make a complete list of all pages. Be warned this will be slightly tedious, and involves running command line scripts to have a properly formatted file.
  2. Paste this list into the site's Export page. Make sure to check "Save as file", otherwise your browser will try to display the resulting XML file. You're also given the choice of whether or not to include the full history. Including the full history makes a much bigger file, but the full history is mandatory if you want to know who wrote which section of the pages, and in order to attribute the contents to its authors properly.
  3. Press "Export".

Voilà, that's done, your browser is downloading an XML backup file that you can import back into another Mediawiki installation, complete with the full history log.


  1. In this event, please observe the GFDL. Further, the special copyright status of images will not allow many to be linked to.