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The 2000FC is a 6×6 medium format SLR system camera released by Swedish manufacturer Hasselblad in 1977.

This camera represents Hasselblads return to manufacturing focal-plane shutter based cameras. At the time, they had not manufactured a focal-plane system in over 20 years. The previous one being the Hasselblad 1000 F released in 1952. The Hasselblad 500 C cameras are very well engineered, but depending on the type of photography the leaf shutter system can have advantages as well as limitations.

First, it was limited to 1/500 sec. which made non-studio type photography more difficult. For example, if shallow depth of field is desired in the photograph in sunny outdoor conditions, the shutter speed limitation may be incapable of producing the correct exposure. Second, faster and longer focal length lenses can also be easier to produce. Third, lenses also tend to be more simple since the system does not require a shutter in every lens.


The left hand side of the body has the sync connector, the battery drawer (for a 6V PX28 battery) and a lever that can lock the shutter ring. The right hand side of the body contains the main folding knob crank that advances the film and cocks the shutter. In the center of the crank are mirror mode settings, this also acts as a button for multiple exposure. Below the crank is a switch for shutter pre-release. Pre-release can be cancelled by pressing the mirror button and advancing the knob. The front of the body has the shutter release button compatible with a standard cable release. On the other side is the lens release.

The mirror setting 2 is for instant return mode. Setting 1 the mirror remains up and will be lowered when the crank is advanced and cocked. Setting 0, is mirror up mode. The setting can be changed with a coin.

The 2000FC/M released in 1981 is almost the same but has extra protection for the shutter when the magazine back is removed. When the film back is re-attached, remember to press the mirror button and advance the lever. This will retract the film curtain without wasting an exposure. In 1984, the 2000FCW was released, which has film winder compatibility. In 1988, yet another revision was released called 2003FCW with an improved Acute-matte focusing screen and improved internal reflective properties.


The camera has interchangeable lenses, finders, focusing screens, winders and backs.


It is compatible with F series lenses (lenses without shutters) or C series lenses (lenses with built-in leaf shutters). The body's electronic titanium shutter has speeds of 1 to 1/2000 of a second. Using the shutters in C lens will only allow the maxium speed of 1/500 of a sec. Flash synchronisation is at 1/90 of a sec. when using F lenses, but for C type leaf shutter lenses supporting all speeds of flash sync.

To use a C lens with the camera body's shutter, set the lens shutter speed to B and sync has to be set to X. To use the C lens shutter instead of the body's shutter, set the body's shutter ring to C and lock the shutter ring on the body to prevent accidental adjustment.

The 10mm and 21mm extension tubes designed for the 500 cannot be used because of the shutter speed ring surrounding the lens mount.


Early 12 backs from 1949 to 1954 will not work correctly with the 2000FC & FC/M cameras as they do not work with the 500C & 500C/M and later V cameras either. These backs were the original backs made for the Hasselblad 1600F & 1000F cameras. Backs from 1955 onwards WILL work correctly with the 2000FC/M with the exception of the old Polaroid Type 80 back that is incompatible with this camera as it can damage the shutter.