Hanimex Snap Shooter 115

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Hanimex Snap Shooter 115 is a disc film camera that was marketed by Hanimex during the 1980s. It is a fixed-focus model that does not use a battery. After a photo is taken by pressing down the shutter, releasing the shutter button advances the film mechanically. The manual describes the camera as having a "universal focus system", meaning fixed-focus (4 feet/1.2 metres to infinity). It used disposable Flipflash for indoor photography. It has two apertures: f/6 normally, f/4 when using flash (however, this can be changed to f/6 using the "close-up flash" switch, intended when taking a flash photo closer than 10 feet/3 metres)

It may have been produced by Haking. It is similar to the Halina Disc 102, but the external appearance is different.

The camera says "Made in Hong Kong" on bottom. The instruction manual has sections in English, German, French, and Spanish. It recommends the use of ISO 200 film, and specifically advises United Kingdom users to not use it in adverse weather.