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The (circa) 2001 Gossen Starlite is a multifunction ("all-in-one") digital exposure meter incorporating several measurement modes: incident (photographic and photometric), reflected (selective and spot including zone system), flash (incident or reflected), and cine. The top part of the meter swivels, incorporating the incident measurement dome and a viewfinder for reflected measurement.

In spite of its many incorporated functions the Starlite is remarkably compact and lightweight.


A mechanical rotary dial surrounding the diffuser dome selects the measurement mode: photometric (incident with flat receptor, foot candle / lux readings), incident (domed receptor), or reflected (5° or 1°) using the built in viewfinder.

When using reflected light measurement up to nine readings may be be taken displaying either the average or contrast range (zone exposure system).


Type Electronic hand held multifunction exposure meter
Introduction ~2001
Sensor SBC (Silicon Blue Cell)
Measurement Reflected & incident, ambient & flash
Sensitivity -2.5 to +18 LV (incident)
Display Digital LCD
Aperture f 0.5 to f 128
Film Speed 3 to 8,000 ISO / ASA
Time 1/8,000s to 60 minutes
Power 1 x AA battery
Dimensions 164 x 66 x 26mm
Weight 195g
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