Gossen Spot-Master

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Gossen Spot-Master

Maker: Gossen

Dates: 1988-2000

Variants: Spot-Master, Spot-Master 2

Type: Spot exposure meter

Display: LCD digital in viewfinder

Sensor: SbC (silicon blue diode)

Measurement angle: 1° in 15° viewfinder

Multiple measurements: zone system and flash

Ambient sensitivity: 1 to 22LV

Flash sensitivity:

ASA/ISO range: ISO 1 to 80,000

Incident light: No

Reflected light: Yes

Flash measurement: Yes

Aperture range: f 1 to 190

Time range: 1/8,000s to 60 minutes

Battery: 9V

Weight: 340g

The 1988 Gossen Spot-Master (in US Ultra-Spot) is a hand held spot exposure meter. It has a reflex viewing system with 15° angle of view, within this is marked a 1° circle where light readings are measured by a fast-acting Silicon blue photocell. The display is an LCD readout surrounding the viewing area. Both ambient and flash light can be measured.

Measurement modes are: ambient, flash, EV, zone, and cine. When measuring flash the corresponding ambient light setting is also displayed.

The meter will average up to 10 ambient readings. It will also store up to 10 readings according to the zone system, averaging the highest and lowest. Zone readings may be shifted on the scale, and contrast increased or decreased with corresponding development adjustment displayed.

The 1994 Spot-Master 2 has minor revisions, operation and specifications are identical apart from increased flash range.


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