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The 1968 Gossen Sixtron Electronic (in US Ascor) is a dedicated flash meter. Electronics of the time were bulky and expensive and so separate dedicated flash meters were made. While the Sixtron's case is the same outline as the contemporary Lunasix it is much deeper to accomodate the electronics.

The Sixtron can only meter flash, not ambient light. It is fitted with two light cells but can only measure incident flash. The Sixtron 2 provides extended range of measurement with an additional dome.

Later Gossen meters such as the Profisix and Lunasix F incorporated ambient and flash metering, both with reflected or incident measurement possible.


The large Lunasix style computer dial does not rotate, the inner dial is used to set film speed and the outer scale displays the range of apertures (Sixtron 2 dial does partly rotate to set sensitivity for with or without the additional dome).

To measure, the meter is activated and then a test flash fired. The captured intensity is displayed by the needle and corresponding aperture read from the scale. Pressing the rocker switch in one direction activates the meter, which shuts down after three minutes. Pressing the rocker in the other direction shows battery check.


Sixtron Sixtron 2
Type Hand held flash exposure meter
Introduction 1968
Sensor Photodiode
Measurement Incident
Display Moving needle
Aperture f 1 to f 90
Film Speed 3 to 6400 ISO / ASA
Power 15v Alkaline
Dimensions 100 x 68 x 53mm
Weight 248g
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