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The 1960 Gossen Sixtino (in US Pilot) is a hand held selenium powered light meter. A very compact and lightweight meter, the Sixtino was aimed at the amateur market. In spite of its compact size, both reflected and incident readings are provided.

The Sixtino 2 (in US Pilot 2) was slightly revised and less than half the weight.


The selenium cell requires no power and the Sixtino measures constantly. A match needle is moved over the measuring needle by rotating the main dial, then corresponding exposure settings can be read from the scale.


Sixtino Sixtino 2
Type Hand held exposure meter
Introduction 1960
Sensor Selenium
Measurement Reflected & Incident
Sensitivity +1 to +18 LV +5 to +17 LV
Display Match needle
Aperture f 1.4 to f 22
Time 1/1,000s to 60 minutes
Film Speed 6 to 6400 ISO 6 to 3200 ISO
Power N/A (self powered)
Dimensions 48 x 56 x 30mm
Weight 100g 40g
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