Goko UF-70 Tele

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UF-70 Tele by Goko is a low-cost compact camera with twin focal lengths, released in 1991. It may be switched between 35 mm wide angle and 55 mm "tele" modes. Its rather low price (¥21 800 when new) is explained by the fact that it is fixed focus and as a consequence has slow lenses. Likewise, the shutter is single-speed, and the exposure system is simply a matter of stopping down the lens aperture if ISO 400 film is used. The lens is protected by a sliding barrier. It has built-in flash and it supports DX coded films. A date-back version was also sold.


  • Wide: 35 mm f/5.6 (3 groups/3 elements).
  • Tele: 55 mm f/8.4 (5 groups/5 elements).
  • Shutter: Behind-the-lens-shutter, 1/90 s.
  • Focus: Fixed focus, 1.5/1.8 m (wide/tele) to infinity.
  • Exposure: Aperture stops down if fast film is used.
  • Flash: Built-in, GN 10. Low light warning lamp.
  • Film speed: DX coded films in two steps – ISO 100/200 or ISO 400 and above.
  • Film transport: Auto-loading, auto-winding, auto rewind.
  • Power: 2 x AA 1,5 V alkalines.
  • Dimensions: 129 x 72 x 60 mm.
  • Weight: 265 g.