Gitzo tripods

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The originally French, and now Italian, company Gitzo produced a wide range of tripods. From the 1960s onwards the pattern of tripods was uniform, based on a structure of "series' with increasing tube diameter with a set type of names.

  • 00 Table 5/8")
  • 0 Weekend 3/4")
  • 1 Sport (7/8")
  • 2 Reporter/Mountaineer (1-1/8")
  • 3 Studex & Inter Pro Studex (1-1/4")
  • 4 Pro Studex (1-1/2")
  • 5 Tele Studex (1-5/8")

From 1970 onwards the tripods were painted in the distinctive “Noir Decor” hammered finish.

In many cases there will be a model name on top of the main tripod casting, visible when the camera platform is raised. This name might be something like: "Reporter Compact Performance." Obviously, the word "Reporter" refers to the series number and, hence, tubing size. Other words:

  • "Performance" indicates a variable (multi-setting) leg spread rather than one fixed leg position.
  • "Compact" indicates a larger number of leg sections than standard. Usually four sections instead of three in the smaller tripods.
  • "Monotripod" indicates one removable leg and 4-section legs.
  • "Mountaineer" designates carbon tripods.
  • "Giant" 5-series tripods have 5 leg sections and a taller maximum height.
  • "Safari" is an unusual series of tripods where the largest tube diameter is at the bottom. Effectively the leg is upside down vs normal installation. Since the largest tube does not retract into anything, it can be covered in sand, dirt, salt water, etc. without the contamination ending up inside the tripod leg.

Unknown meaning:

  • "Tatalux"
  • "Gilux"
  • "Luxe"
  • "Industrial"

Columns can be one- or two-section "Rapid" (sliding, like the legs) or single-tube geared (cremalier). The type of column does not seem to be indicated in the tripod model names.

Terminology and Chronology of Gitzo Tripods

Over the duration of its operations, Gitzo produced an astonishing (and confusing) array of tripod models and variations. The following listing is reasonably complete for the 1980s and 1990s. It will be expanded soon.

TypeCodeDate Range
G 505R 1999-
Cremaillere 01984-1993
Cremaillere 0 Combi1984-1985
Cremaillere 0 Luxe1987-1993
Cremaillere 0 Luxe Performance1987-1993
Cremaillere 0 Performance1987-1994
Cremaillere 11984-1994
Cremaillere 1 Combi1984-1985
Cremaillere 1 Luxe1987-1993
Cremaillere 1 Luxe Performance1987-1993
Cremaillere 1 Performance1987-1993
Cremaillere 21984-1993
Cremaillere 2 Combi1984-1985
Cremaillere 2 Compact1987-1993
Cremaillere 2 Compact Performance1987-1993
Cremaillere 2 Industry1987-1993
Cremaillere 2 Industry Performance1987-1993
Cremaillere 2 Luxe1987-1993
Cremaillere 2 Luxe Performance1987-1993
Cremaillere 2 Performance1987-1994
Cremaillere 31984-1992
Cremaillere 3 Comp Luxe Performance1987-1993
Cremaillere 3 Compact1987-1992
Cremaillere 3 Compact Luxe1987-1992
Cremaillere 3 Compact Performance1990-1994
Cremaillere 3 Performance1987-1994
Cremaillere Interpro Studex1988-1994
Cremaillere Interpro Studex Compact1989-1994
Gitzo Pod 5-Section Monopod1998-
Inter Pro Studex1989-1994
Inter Pro Studex (Cremaillere)1989-1994
Inter Pro Studex (Rapid)1988-1994
Inter Pro Studex G380 Fluid Head 31989-1994
Inter Pro Studex Compact (Rapid)1989-1994
Inter Pro Studex Performance1998-
Loisir Backpacker1981-1994
Loisir Compact Luxe Table & Chestpod1984-1994
Loisir Compact Table & Chestpod1988-1993
Mini Mono Studex Monopod1990-1994
Mini Mono Studex Super Monopod1990-1994
Mini Studex1981-1994
Mini Studex 6-Section Monopod1998-
Mini Studex Performance1984-1994
Mini Tele Studex1989-1994
Mini Tele Studex1989-1994
Mini Tele Studex (Cremaillere)1988-1994
Mini Tele Studex (Rapid)1988-1994
Mono Loisir Monopod1990-1994
Mono Reporter Luxe Monopod1990-1994
Mono Reporter Monopod1990-1994
Mono Sport Luxe Monopod1990-1994
Mono Sport Monopod1990-1994
Mono Studex Giant Luxe Monopod1990-1994
Mono Studex Giant Monopod1990-1994
Mono Studex Luxe Monopod1990-1994
Mono Studex Monopod1990-1994
Mono Studex Super Luxe Monopod1990-1994
Mono Studex Super Monopod W/Chest1990-1994
Mono Weekend B Monopod1990-1994
Mono Weekend Luxe Monopod1990-1994
Mono Weekend Monopod1990-1993
Mountaineer Reporter Monopod1998-
Pro Reporter (Cremaillere)1990-1994
Pro Reporter (Rapid)1990-1994
Pro Reporter Compact (Cremaillere)1990-1994
Pro Reporter Compact (Rapid)1990-1994
Pro Studex Compact1989-1994
Pro Studex Compact (Cremaillere)1990-1994
Pro Studex Compact (Rapid)1989-1994
Pro Studex Compact Luxe (Cremaillere)1990-1994
Pro Studex Compact Luxe (Rapid)1990-1994
Pro Studex Compact Performance1998-
Pro Studex Compact Performance1998-
Pro Studex Compact Performance1998-
Pro Studex Giant1989-1994
Pro Studex Giant (Cremaillere)1990-1994
Pro Studex Giant (Rapid)1989-1994
Pro Studex Giant Eco1989-1994
Pro Studex Giant EcoG 450 Vid1988-1994
Pro Studex Giant Eco (Cremaillere)1984-1994
Pro Studex Giant Eco (Rapid)1988-1994
Pro Studex Giant Fluid1989-1994
Pro Studex Giant Luxe (Cremaillere)1990-1994
Pro Studex Giant Luxe (Rapid)1990-1994
Pro Studex Performance1998-
Pro Studex Performance1998-
Pro Studex Performance1998-
Quick Release W/ 2 X 3" Plate1983-1985
Quick Release W/ 2 X 6" Plate1983-1985
Reporter 4-Section Monopod1998-
Reporter Combi1984-1994
Reporter Combi W/Total Head1984-1986
Reporter Compact Performance1998-
Reporter Eco1984-1994
Reporter Eco G 1801984-1994
Reporter Eco G 2501988-1994
Reporter Eco G 2511984-1994
Reporter Eco G 2521988-1994
Reporter Eco 2801989-1994
Reporter Eco (Rapid)1989-1994
Reporter Extra-Long Monopod1998-
Reporter Industrial1984-1993
Reporter Industrial Performance1984-1994
Reporter Industry1989-1993
Reporter Industry Performance1989-1994
Reporter Luxe1987-1993
Reporter Luxe Performance1987-1993
Reporter Luxe Performance Mono1984-1994
Reporter Mode1984-1993
Reporter Mode Performance1984-1994
Reporter Performance1984-1994
Reporter Performance Monotripod1998-
Safari Mono Studex MonopodS 5641990-1994
Safari Reporter Industrial Performance 1984-1985
Safari Reporter Mode Performance1984-1986
Safari Reporter PerformanceS 2201984-1994
Safari Sport PerformanceS 1201987-1994
Safari Sport Performance Combi1984-1986
Safari Studex Compact PerformanceS 3231984-1994
Safari Studex PerformanceS 3201984-1994
Safari Total Luxe Performance1984-1986
Safari Weekend Compact Performance1984-1985
Sport 3-Section Monopod1998-
Sport Combi1981-1994
Sport EcoG 1501981-1994
Sport EcoG 1551981-1994
Sport EcoG 1801984-1994
Sport EcoG 2511981-1994
Sport EcoG 2521981-1994
Sport Eco1984-1994
Sport Luxe Compact1981-1994
Sport Luxe Performance1981-1994
Sport Luxe Performance Mono1984-1994
Sport Performance1981-1994
Sport Performance Tatalux1998-
Sport Performance Totalux1998-
Sport Standard Tatalux1998-
Sport Standard Totalux1998-
Studex 4-Section Monopod1998-
Studex 5-Section Monopod1998-
Studex Combi W/Rational Head1984-1985
Studex Compact1981-1993
Studex Compact Luxe1984-1993
Studex Compact Luxe Performance1984-1994
Studex Compact Luxe Performnce Mono1984-1994
Studex Compact Performance1990-1995
Studex Compact Performance (5t)1984-1994
Studex Eco1988-1994
Studex EcoG 3501988-1994
Studex Eco G 3801989-1994
Studex Eco (Rapid)1989-1994
Studex Performance1984-1994
Studex Performance Monotripod1998-
Super Studex Compact1989-1993
Super Studex Compact (Cremaillere)1987-1991
Super Studex Compact (Rapid)1984-1991
Super Studex Compact Luxe (Cremaillere)1987-1991
Super Studex Compact Luxe (Rapid)1987-1991
Super Studex Giant1989-1993
Super Studex Giant (Cremaillere)1987-1991
Super Studex Giant (Rapid)1984-1988
Super Studex Giant Eco1984-1993
Super Studex Giant Eco1989-1993
Super Studex Giant Eco4/Cremalliere1989-1993
Super Studex Giant Eco4/Rapid1989-1993
Super Studex Giant Eco 450 Vid1988-1993
Super Studex Giant Eco (Rapid)1988-1993
Super Studex Giant Luxe (Cremaillere)1987-1988
Super Studex Giant Luxe (Rapid)1984-1988
Table Tripod1998-
Tele Studex Compact ( 4)1989-1994
Tele Studex Compact ( 4/Crem)1989-1994
Tele Studex Compact ( 4/Rapid)1989-1994
Tele Studex Compact ( 5t)1984-1994
Tele Studex Compact ( 6)1989-1994
Tele Studex Compact G 4801989-1994
Tele Studex Compact G 5801989-1994
Tele Studex Compact (Cremaillere)1985-1994
Tele Studex Compact (Rapid)1984-1994
Tele Studex Compact Luxe (Cremaillere)1988-1994
Tele Studex Compact Luxe (Rapid)1988-1994
Tele Studex Compact Performance1998-
Tele Studex Giant (4)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant (4/Crem)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant (4/Rapid)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant (6)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant (6/Crem)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant (6/Long)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant (Cremaillere)1985-1994
Tele Studex Giant (Rapid)1985-1986
Tele Studex Giant Eco ( 6/Long)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant Eco (4/Crem)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant Eco (4/Rapid)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant Eco G 450 Vid 1988-1994
Tele Studex Giant Eco (5t)1984-1994
Tele Studex Giant Eco (6)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant Eco (6/Crem)1989-1994
Tele Studex Giant Eco (Rapid)1988-1994
Tele Studex Giant Luxe (Cremaillere)1988-1994
Tele Studex Giant Luxe (Rapid)1988-1994
Tele Studex Giant Performance1998-
Tele Studex Luxe (Cremaillere)1984-1986
Tele Studex Luxe (Rapid)1984-1986
Tele Studex Performance1998-
Total Luxe1981-1994
Total Luxe Combi1981-1994
Total Luxe Performance1981-1994
Video 6t1989-1993
Video 6t G 6801989-1993
Video 6t W/Cremaillere Gearlift1989-1993
Video 8t1989-1993
Video 8t G6801989-1993
Weekend Combi1981-1988
Weekend Compact1981-1993
Weekend Compact Combi1981-1990
Weekend Compact Performance1981-1994
Weekend Eco1981-1994
Weekend Eco G 0501981-1993
Weekend Eco G 1551981-1994
Weekend Eco G 1801981-1994
Weekend Luxe1981-1993
Weekend Luxe Performance1981-1994
Weekend Performance1981-1994