GaMi 16

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The GaMi 16 is a subminiature camera with versatile fast shutter. It uses special unperforated 16mm cassette film. It was manufactured by Officine Galileo of Milan.

Dimension 115 x 55 x27mm

Weight 290 g (10 oz)

Lens Esamitar 25mm /1.9 lens fastest subminiature lens Aperture 1.8 to 11

Focusing from 0.5 m to infinity

Shutter Infront of lens shutter B,1/2,1/5,1/10,1/25,1/50,1/100,1/250,1/500,1/1000

Shutter works only with cassette loaded with film, won't work without cassette, or with empty cassettte, or cassette with film at end

Built in superimpose image tye rangefinder

Built in exposure meter, extinction type, couple to aperture and shutter

Built in yellow filter.

Film 16mm unperforated or perforated film

Cassette: metal twin cassette, for 30 exposure

Frame size 12x17mm, for unperforated 16mm film

Frame size 10x 17mm for double perforated film Frame size 11x17mm with single perforated film

GaMi film

  • Anscochrome, color 40 ASA film
  • Ferrania P3, panchromatic 50 ASA film
  • Ilford F P 3, panchromatic 100 ASA film