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The Fujifilm Q1 was available as a camera for modern APS film cartridges as well a digital camera. Styled as a fun camera and with fixed focal length both versions featured automatic exposure and built-in flash. The APS-variant's grip contained the film capsule chamber whilst the same kind of grip on the digital version contained the AA batteries chamber and an xD card slot. Both cameras were made in China.

APS film

The APS version was named Fujifilm nexia Q1 AF. It has a 22mm Fujinon lens and an optical reverse Galilean type viewfinder. In the bottom it has an extra door for the battery chamber. It uses a CR2 battery. Its active infrared autofocus combined with its automatic exposure and automatic film advance makes it a minimally featured compact camera (or full-featured point-and-shoot camera). In the middle of the camera back is a miniature LCD display which shows the actual film load status, the battery status and the exposure number. The only possible user settings are the APS print format preselection which is limited to the choice between "C" and "H" format, omitting "P" (panorama), and the exposure setting storage indicated by green LED at viewfinder. Exposure values are stored for exposure when the shutter release button is pressed halfways and the green LED is on.

Thus it is one of the simpler APS camera models. It seems to have been the last APS camera ever made for one of the large camera brands. Technical data: see Fujifilm nexia Q1


The Fujifilm Q1 digital is the digital variant. It has no autofocus. The switch under the lens is the camera's mechanical focusing facility, allowing to switch between "near" (flower symbol) and "far" (landscape symbol). The camera is lacking the exposure setting storage feature of the APS variant.

The camera can operate in three modes; still camera, AVI-video camera (320x240 pixel) and image review. Its LCD color display serves as viewfinder in the camera modes. The smartest function of the digital camera is the menu point EV & white balance. It returns to the viewfinder image with added horizontal control bar for white balance choice and vertical control bar for enlightment correction, both setable with the 4-direction menu navigation button. In normal mode this button serves for zooming into the viewfinder image, setting the image resolution and setting the flash mode. In the image review mode the menu offers the option to move images from the camera's internal 8MB storage to the xD memory card. The camera has a 1/2" CMOS image sensor (1.920.000 pixels). It was available from 2003 to 2006.