Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

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The Instax Wide 300 is a Fujifilm instant camera that uses Instax wide film. It was available starting from the end of 2014. It was the first to be called "Instax Wide", while previous wide cameras were simply called Instax 100, Instax 200, Instax 210.

The design of the camera changed from a bubbly look of the Instax 200 series to the retro styling of similar Fujifilm digital cameras that started with the FinePix X100 introduced in 2010. It is a basic zone focusing camera that has two modes, from 0.9m to 3m and from 3m to infinity. This can be controlled by turning the lens ring. A close up adapter is included. Set the camera to 0.9-3m mode and attach the close up lens. This allows you to shoot from 40-50cm. Behind the shoulder of the camera there are controls on the the grip side of the body for adjusting settings including, lighten and darken exposure controls, along with auto and fill-flash options. This control location makes it much more accessible compared to previous models. A LCD is to the left of this and provides the basic setting information along with exposure counter. The film is loaded in the back which contains a film indicator window. Exposed photos released from the top of the camera with a motor driven ejection system. There is also tripod bush socket. It uses four common penlight AA batteries located in the hand grip area.